Oil & Gas and Alternative Energy Development Support

Our energy clients have many goals and priorities ranging from jobsite safety and regulatory compliance to timely completion of projects that will provide energy to the American public, in a cost effective and efficient manner. To help clients achieve their goals, Enertia provides civil and structural design, environmental compliance and permitting services.

Civil and Structural Design – We offer civil and structural design support for upstream and midstream projects. Our services range from the design and permitting of access roads and storm water drainage systems to preparing design reports and specifications for equipment and pipe rack foundations.

Environmental Compliance – Given the complexity of local, state and federal regulations, achieving and maintaining compliance for new and existing facilities is a difficult task. Enertia has the skills and experience to help our clients manage their facility development and environmental responsibilities. We bring a working knowledge of regulations and practical experience to every project. We work with our clients to understand their obligations and options, and implement best practices to help them achieve their development and compliance goals.

Permitting – Permitting can quickly become a critical path issue if not executed properly. Enertia assesses permit requirements of each assigned task and works toward successful completion of the permitting process without impact to schedule or budget. We have significant experience working with federal and state agencies in the Rocky Mountain and Northeast regions. Locally, we work with Front Range municipalities and counties on a regular basis to ensure projects progress seamlessly through the permitting process.

  • Our Energy Services

    Civil and Structural Engineering

    • Boundary and topographic survey coordination for well sites, pipelines, compressor stations and plants
    • Well location plats and permit to drill applications
    • Site layout, grading and drainage design
    • Erosion and sediment control plans
    • Roadway and utility design
    • Structural Design
    • Civil and structural bid specifications
    • Equipment foundation analysis and design
    • Vapor recovery tower installation analysis and design

    Environmental Compliance

    • Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) development, permitting, inspection and reporting
    • Oil Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan development
    • Waste Management Plan development


    • Clean Water Act, Section 401 and 404 permitting
    • COGCC Permitting (APD’s, pit closures)
    • CDPHE Permitting (Industrial Waste Discharge, Storm Water Discharge)
    • BLM permitting (Sundry Notice, Plan of Development, Environmental Assessment)
    • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process
    • FEMA map revision, LOMR, CLOMR