Recent Projects – Energy

NE Sandwash Basin Development

Client – Entek GRB

Enertia Consulting Group | NE Sandwash Basin Focus Ranch SPCC PlanEntek acquired existing wells and infrastructure within the Focus Ranch Unit and Slater Dome field in 2011.  In addition to further developing the resources and constructing pipelines/infrastructure required to convey oil and gas to an existing Central Distribution Point, Entek was also responsible for existing BLM, COGCC and CDPHE permit, compliance and reporting requirements.  Enertia Consulting Group | NE Sandwash Basin | EntekTo assist Entek with this significant endeavor, Enertia prepared BLM required Plan of Development and Sundry Notice documents; COGCC required pit closure plans and reports and CDPHE storm water and industrial wastewater discharge permit applications.  In addition, Enertia has prepared Road Maintenance, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures and Storm Water Management Plans for existing and planned well locations and required infrastructure.

Enertia Consulting Group | Slater Dome Field

Structural Analysis and Design

Client – Kahuna Ventures, LLC

To assist Kahuna Ventures with natural gas plant expansion projects in and around Pecos, Texas, Enertia provided structural analysis and design support. Work included design of equipment foundations, steel framing and pipe racks.

Well Locations in Weld County, CO

Client – K.P. Kauffman Company, Inc.

Enertia Consulting Group | Weld County Well LocationsIn winter 2012, K.P. Kauffman applied for drilling permits for four well locations in Weld County. As a condition of COGCC approval for the proposed well location development, an E&P Waste Management Plan was required to be in place prior to drill rig mobilization. K.P. Kauffman retained Enertia to prepare the E&P Waste Management Plan and asked that the plan be completed and submitted to COGCC in five days. Enertia responded by preparing the plan in two days and submitting to K.P. Kauffman. After K.P. Kauffman review and approval, the plan was submitted to COGCC and approved within the required timeframe. The drilling program started according to schedule.
Enertia Consulting Group | Weld County Well Locations

Bluestone Gas Processing Facility and

Maple Grove Gas Metering Station

Client – Keystone Midstream Services, LLC

Enertia provided site-civil design and permitting services to Keystone Midstream and Kahuna Ventures for a natural gas processing facility and metering station in western Pennsylvania. Enertia prepared site grading and drainage design plans for the projects and assisted with the local permitting process.

Enertia Consulting Group | Bluestone Gas Plant Cadd Exhibits