Recent Projects – Land

Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village

Client – Autotainment Ventures

Enertia Consulting Group | Kuni Lexus of Greenwood VillageAs project civil engineer, Enertia worked closely with a team of architects, transportation engineers, planners and landscape architects to guide this high profile redevelopment project through a complex permitting process in Greenwood Village.  Building height restrictions, open space and storm water management requirements were some of the site development challenges. These issues were addressed and integratEnertia Consulting Group | Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Villageed into the design plan in a manner that minimized impacts to the functionality and sustainability of the luxury automobile sales and service center.  In particular, storm water management was complex due to Greenwood Village Municipal Separate Storm Water System (MS4) and phosphorous removal requirements.  To address storm water detention and quality, Enertia designed a cost effective and efficient underground detention system that met the established municipal requirements.

The Children’s Hospital

Client – Urban Frontier

Enertia Consulting Group | The Childrens HospitalEnertia staff performed and/or managed the civil design, entitlements, bidding and construction of The Children’s Hospital at Palisade Park in Broomfield, Colorado. In addition to the site-civil design, project related design tasks included: widening of State Highway 7(two additional drive lanes); extension of 1,030 linear feet of 84” RCP storm sewer and 1,065 linear feet of 12” PVC waterline; and grading/drainage improvements required to service the hospital site. Work also included coordinating 5,000 linear feet of dry utility infrastructure extension to the hospital site.

NARA Facility

Client – Brinkman Constructors

Enertia Consulting Group | National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) FacilityEnertia provided site-civil design and entitlement support for a National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Facility in Broomfield, Colorado. This facility is a single-story, 163,230 square foot building located on an 11.58 acre parcel within the Palisade Park Planned Unit Development. The project is currently under construction and expected to be open to the public by June 2012.

Enertia Consulting Group | National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Facility

Green Gables Mixed Used Development

Client – USL Denver

Enertia Consulting Group | Green GablesEnertia is completing master utility, drainage and transportation plans and the related infrastructure design.  One of the signature features of the site, and an essential component of the Green Gables redevelopment project is the Sanderson Gulch.  As part of its project responsibilities, Enertia is realigning Sanderson Gulch, removing on-channel ponds and creating a regional detention facility to manage storm water quality and discharge.  To accomplish this component of the project, Enertia is completing a drainage design that includes US Army Corps 404 permitting, a HEC-RAS analysis of the channel realignment and preparing a CLOMR that proposes modification to the existing Zone A floodplain for Sanderson Gulch within the limits of the project.  The channel modifications will improve the aesthetics and functionality of the drainage facilities while enhancing the habitat throughout the drainage corridor to the benefit of wildlife and pedestrians.  It’s anticipated that the proposed drainage modifications will also benefit the downstream basin by better regulating peak off-site discharges.

The Highlands Planned Unit Development

Client – The Bromley Companies

Enertia Consulting Group | Highlands Planned Unit DevelopmentEnertia is the civil engineer assigned to this 689 acre Planned Unit Development in Lochbuie, Colorado. As civil engineer, Enertia has assisted with the annexation and land use planning for the project and prepared preliminary design plans and reports. This work included master planning of road and utility systems, grading and drainage design and lot/open space layout for an 800-1,300 residential unit and mixed use commercial development.

Highlands Sketch